Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seruan SENTUH!

Project Sentuh is an art + activism event to highlight discrimination on the basis of sexuality in Malaysia featuring installation art, theatre performances and more.

We are calling for participants interested in these issues to join us! Participants will go through a workshop with trained facilitators from inter-disciplinary background
and must be available during these days:


21 & 22/28 & 29 Nov: 5pm-10.30pm
23 Nov-27 Nov : 7.30pm - 10.30pm
@ Five Arts Centre, Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail.

Performance date
5th December @ Pekan Frinjan

Fee: RM30/person
Open to all. No theatre/performance background needed! Limited space for only 25 participants!

Contact: Hui Koon (012-9760397/ or Pat ( or Fared Ayam (013-2232169,

**Project Sentuh is a collaboration with women’s NGOs AWAM, Sisters in Islam, Women’s Aid Organisation and Empower with many talented artists such as Project Connect, Lost Generation Space, Fared Ayam (R.A.T), Fairuz Sulaiman, Koon Tan, Pria K, Pat Low, Shieko, Julya Oui, Aisyah Baharuddin, Mien Lor and more!!!

p/s: Apalagi? Ayuh ber-SENTUH-an!! Woo!!


axhdecqs said...

alamak , ta bpe paham :)

Kongkek N Go said...

workshop, kalau berminat nak join bleh kontek nombor yg tertera tu..

Rye said...

Kalau nk tgk performance 5hb 2 jer boleh x?

RAT said...

boleh.. itu open for everyone..

Rye said...

Fee die RM30 gak ker?
Sape perform?
Dan pekan frinjan 2 kat mane?

Pegawai Khalwat said...

5hb kemungkinan aku ada di KLConvec.

Hummm, kena ularlah macam ni.

RAT said...

Rye, nak tengok kat pekan frinjan tu free je.. itu open event.. dia kat s. alam.. boleh google pekan frinjan untuk keterangan lanjut.. yang perform adalah perticipant2 yang join workshop tu la.. diorang sendiri akan hasilkan performance based on workshop (yang bermain dengan isu2 yang difokus dalam workshop) ni then diorang perform..

pegawai khalwat, haha.. kenapa tidak?

Rumah Anak Teater said...

Pekan Frinjan diadakan di Dataran Shah Alam, berhampiran menara jam, di belakang Alam Sentral.

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