Wednesday, September 22, 2010


With a background in multimedia, he has made live video projections and music videos for many local bands like KLPHQ, 7 Collar T-shirt, Ferns, Bittersweet and Butterfingers. These videos are made with a very distinct style, using stop-motion, puppetry, hand-made masks, 3D animation and live video mixing.He also regularly provides live visual projections for music events like Moonshine ,Motion Picture Soundtrack and product launches for brands like UOX, Puma and Converse.

And recently, he involved himself in theatre, working with Cloudbreak and Welcome Community Home in “Fallen Leaves”; a play about and by HIV/AIDS patients that was performed at Actors Studio Bangsar and venues around KL. He also created visuals for the director Zahim Albakri’s “Tarap Man” in 2007. He was also part of the production of the big budget musical Puteri Gunung Ledang Season 3 and also Mahsuri, both performed at Istana Budaya.In 2008, he was involved in a theatre exchange program, involving York Theatre Royal and Soho Theatre from the UK. This exchange brought together an eclectic group of young artistic minds to create and perform pieces relating to their surrounding and memories. This project was partly sponsored by The Commonwealth Foundation.He had his first group exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art for the show Rock Kaka, where he collaborated with Callen Tham to create a home-made analog projector using common house hold materials. This projector involves user interaction to create the moving visuals on the wall.

For more information on the play, please surf here.

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