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The theatre of power and murder

The theatre of power and murder
By Sharaad Kuttan January 28, 2009 Categories: Entertainment

If you haven’t experienced KL’s contemporary Malay-language theatre scene yet, this is the perfect opportunity.

Teater Kompilasi Volume 1 under the artistic direction of Nam Ron, featuring four plays centred on the theme of murder and power, might just be the chance to sample developments in this scene.

“I have worked with Nam Ron on a couple of projects and I find him to be one of the more exciting directors in theatre here,” says Jo Kukathas, who is the artistic heart of Instant Cafe Theatre (ICT), famed for its satirical reviews.

Several members of this production were seen in a recent ICT production.
“The experience in Malay language theatre is much more direct and it feels more true. There is a feeling of artifice in English-language theatre,” she adds, in her endorsement of Nam Ron and his anak teater acolytes, who, she believes, are developing their own voice.
Coming out of Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), graduates like Ameerul Affendi and Zahiril Adzin are blurring the lines that used to seem so clearly defined between language streams in theatre.

Zahiril who is directing Teruk and Ameerul who acts in three of the four plays, were last seen together in Instant CafĂ©’s revue. Before that they acted in the multi-lingual production, Aircon, which played to full houses and had audiences roaring in laughter and tearing through the Kedah Malay and English.

“I work with them because they are so exciting and their work in fact transcends language,” says Jo, noting that the new voices in Malay theatre are raw and fresh.
Her enthusiasm has its roots in her recent collaboration with Nam Ron in Breaking / (Ji Po) / Ka Si Pe Cah, together with director Loh Kok Man. In fact, the three directors can date their collaboration to their participation in the transnational Asian Contemporary Theatre Project run by Tokyo’s Setagaya Public Theatre from 2002 to 2005.

As local critic, Sumit Mandal, notes, ironically, “it was in Japan, and not Malaysia, that the three first collaborated, and came to realise the challenge of language in the intercultural encounter.”
Kok Man adds his voice to the endorsement of Nam Ron’s successes at creating a vibe in Malay theatre in contrast to the general government-driven state of the scene.

For Kok Man, the question of language need not be central to the experience. More important is the “language of theater” which he defines as the ways in which concepts are dealt with, lighting, sound, stage sets and costumes are designed to create a complete work. It is also, he believes, the director’s ability to deal with social and political concerns.

“I think that Chinese theatre has become more quiet these days. And it doesn’t deal much with politics or social issues. More with love and family issues,” says Kok Man whose last production was based on the classic anti-totalitarian text Animal Farm.

He likes to watch what Nam Rom does, not because it is Malay theatre, but because it is interesting. He agrees that some Malaysian audiences are committed to particular languages and his productions strive to provide them an entry point with subtitling and greater physicality in the acting. “Some English-educated members of the audience were angry when they found out that Animal Farm was in Mandarin and demanded a refund on their tickets,” he recalls, to underscore the challenges in creating these encounters. He gave them their refund.

With the working titles, Teruk (Critical), Tambat kaki (Bound feet), Stabil (Stable), Pokok Kelapa Sayang (My Beloved Coconut Tree), the four plays began as reflections on the theme of murder.

“It isn’t murder necessarily in the physical sense of the word, but also spiritual,” explains Nam Ron. Their explorations lead them very soon to questions of competition and power.
Teater Kompilasi opens tonight and for those willing to take a chance on some potentially stimulating theatre, curtains up at 8.30pm.

Where : Stor Teater Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Jalan Dewan BahasaWhen : Tonight until Sunday, Feb 1Time : 8.30pm; Matinee: 3pm Sunday. Feb 1.Ticket: By minimum donation of RM20 Contact : Sherry Abdullah 012-9110557 , Siti 017-2367550 Website : http//rumahanakteater.

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Yusman Mokhtar (left) and Nam Ron.

RUMAH ANAK Teater (RAT) presents Teater Kompilasi Volume 1, a compilation of Bahasa Malaysia plays with the theme 4 Kes 1 Motif, at Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur from Jan 28 to Feb 1.
It is a collaborative effort of four directors, and comprises four short plays which revolve around the theme “power”.Each play runs for 30 minutes, and their directors explore how power corrupts individuals, to make them tyrannical, greedy, lustful and vengeful.The showcase’s directors, who double as scriptwriters, are Zahiril “Bob” Adzim, Fared “Ayam” Jamaluddin, Khairunazwan and Khairil Ridzuan.4 Kes 1 Motif stars Amerul Affendi, Intan Diyana, Sherry Abdullah and Keen.Nam Ron (or Shahili Abdan) is the artistic director while Yusman Mokhtar is the cinematographer. Indra Zaaba is the music director while Moizzis Cong is the dramaturge.

Zahiril and Amerul are best known for their roles in last year’s popular play Air Con, produced by Instant Cafe Theatre and written by singer-songwriter Shanon Shah.Zahiril’s performance as a villainous drug dealer in the coming-of-age film Kami The Movie last year was critically acclaimed. Fared last appeared in Kurang Manis and proved a popular comedian when he parodied the lion king Aslan of Narnia fame in one of the troupe’s comedy sketches titled The Return of the Toymaker.

Shahili, an acclaimed director and theatre lecturer, is also known for his roles in the film Paloh and Gubra and the play Air Con. Entry is by a minimum donation of RM20. Venue: Stor Teater in Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.Time: 8.30pm with 3pm extra show on Feb 1.

Call 012-911-0557.

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Jika anda bukan peminat teater tegar dan tertanya-tanya kenapa harus datang menontonnya ini jawapan poser (poyo)-nya. 5 pekara kenapa mesti tonton:

1. Ada Fareed Ayam anak muda berambut panjang asal dari felda kat Johor dan korang tau tak Mawi jugak asal dari felda kat Johor.

2. Ada Zahiril Adzim anak muda bertahi lalat seksi yang gampak dalam filem KAMI the Movie dan Lagu Untuk Mu dendangan Meet Uncle Hussian menang anugerah lagu baru-baru ni.

3. Ada Khairunazwan anak muda hitam manis yang cintanya terhalang dan perpisahan memang meyakitkan itu yang terjadi kepada Norman Hakim dan Abby Abadi kerana Mamey.

4. Ada Khairil Ridzuan anak muda dari Langkawi baru-baru ni berlakon teater Isham Rais, Bilik Sulit dan Pakatan Rakyat menang kerusi di Kuala Terangganu baru-baru ni.

5. Ada Nam Ron orang tua yang perasan muda dan orang muda memang COOL!!!!

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Petikan Akhbar (NST)


MALAY theatre will be off to a promising start after Chinese New Year with a debut performance by Rumah Anak Teater (Rat), a group formed in October 2008.

The spotlight will be on young emerging talents. Its first project, presented under the banner of Projek Komuniti Kental, will feature Teater Kompilasi Vol 01. Theatre veteran Nam Ron has come aboard as the artistic director for the group and interestingly, all the directors are his former students from the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy.

At the launch, Nam Ron offered an insight into what we can expect from this new venture. “The overall theme is power and how the directors interpret this in their own way. My role primarily is of a facilitator. The directors plan, direct and execute their vision within the confines of the theme.”

The tagline of “four cases, one motive” lends a CSI slant to the proceedings which will be performed continuously for two hours.

Why is it special? “There will be four stories — each lasting 30 minutes — in one performance. Music and lighting will be used to link the pieces. Plays of this genre are still lacking in Malaysia and personally, I feel one derives a different sense of satisfaction and energy from this kind of a performance than from watching a play with just a single director’s vision,” explains Nam Ron.

Not only that but there are only four actors who perform in all the pieces.

Presented entirely in Bahasa Malaysia with no subtitles, the original, never-performed works see very creative interpretations of the theme, with most directors digging deep into their own personal psyche for inspiration.

“I’m essentially a kampung boy, so my piece is a two-man play set in a kampung and my observations of daily life therein. It is also somewhat autobiographic. This is my first piece and I must confess it was and is a very scary experience but I am looking forward to opening night,” said Khairil Ridzuan of his piece Kerbau.

Fared Ayam will present a work entitled Stabil, which deals with limitations that society places on individuals. Teruk by Zahiril Adzim will look at a woman who is questioning her own existence and seeks to divorce her spirit from her mortal self. As Zahiril is a self-confessed “visual” person, he will employ visual means to tell his story. In CintaNerakaCintaSyurga, Khairunazwan Rodzy explores love of the format radio variety and examines the political, societal and economic factors that thwart love.

n Catch Teater Kompilasi Vol 01 at Stor Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, KL, 8.30pm, Jan 28 to Feb 1. Matinee on the last day at 3pm. Admission by donation (RM20).

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Tenaga Produksi



ZAHIRIL ADZIM adalah graduan dari ASWARA (Diploma Teater). Pengarahan beliau sebelum ini ialah kolaborasi Teater Eksperimen TANDA dan FATIHAH. Antara lakonan pentas beliau ialah AIRCON, INSTANT CAFE KURANG MANIS, PENTAS OPERA, UDA dan DARA, NATURALISASI, SI YATIM CHAO, GEMA MERDEKA. Selain itu, beliau juga bergiat dengan lakonan filem dan TV. Filem lakonan beliau ialah KAMI The Movie dan KARAOKE, sementara lakonan TV pula ialah Ghost 2 (siri), Merah Putih (siri), KAMI The Series (siri), Seandainya Aku Siti (telemovie) dan GADOH.

Beliau juga seorang penulis bersama Fared Ayam untuk ruangan Living Culture di laman web


FARED AYAM adalah teruna berambut ikal mayang yang sentiasa penuh dengan cinta dan kemarahan dan pernah berkali kali gagal dalam percintaan. juga sering tertanya tanya tentang siapa dia di mata masyarakatnya lalu menjadikan teater, puisi dan segala macam cabang seni sebagai laman luahan ketidakpuashatian. antara pementasan hasil pengarahan dan lakonannya termasuk kolaborasi teater eksperimen TANDA, WAKTU eksperimental merdeka, NATURALISASI, SHORT EYES, BREAKING /JI PO/ KASI-PE-CAH, INSTANT CAFE KURANG MANIS serta UDA dan DARA.

Juga penulis bersama Zahiril Adzim untuk ruangan Living Culture di website

PENGARAH "Pokok Kelapa Sayang"

KHAIRUNAZWAN RODZY adalah lulusan Diploma Teater ASWARA dalam pengkhususan Pengarahan. Antara teater yang pernah di arahkan oleh beliau ialah ‘Gema Merdeka – perjuangan belum selesai’, ‘Gema Merdeka – Muzikal Tun Abdul Razak’, ‘Muzikal Uda dan Dara’, ‘No Exit’, ‘Waktu – sebuah Eksperimen Merdeka’, ‘Romeo dan Juliet’ dan banyak lagi. Beliau juga pernah ke Korea dalam pementasan teater tradisional bangsawan untuk Festival Teater Massan. Selain bergiat aktif dalam ASWARA, beliau juga membuat persembahan di sekitar Kuala Lumpur seperti di Annexe, MTC dan banyak lagi. Sekarang beliau merupakan pelajar Ijazah dalam Fakulti Teater di ASWARA.

PENGARAH "Tambat Kaki"

KHAIRIL RIDZUAN anak kelahiran Pulau Langkawi ini lebih selesa di panggil KN. Graduan Diploma ASWARA ini mula bergiat secara serius seawal tahun 2004 lagi. Antara produksi yang pernah beliau terlibat seperti Atap Genting Atap Rumbia, Percakapan Seorang Oedipus, Bilik Sulit, Dua Bulatan Pukul Enam dan banyak lagi. Pernah bekerja dengan Suhaimi Baba dalam filem 1957 : Hati Malaya dan siri Anak Pontianak. Sekarang beliau menjadi pelakon sepenuh masa.


SHARIFFAH MARIAM bte Syed Abdullah atau nama pentasnya Sherry Abdullah mula berkenalan dengan dunia teater pada awal tahun 2003. Pemegang Diploma Teater ASWARA ini mula berlakon di bawah arahan Marlia Musa iaitu ‘Atap Genting Atap Rumbia’. Semasa menuntut di ASWARA, beliau banyak terlibat dalam produksi teater seperti ‘Meneachmi’ arahan Rohani Yousuff, ‘Dua Bulatan Pukul Enam’ arahan Namron, ‘The Maids’ arahan Roselina Khir Johari dan banyak lagi. Selain ASWARA, beliau pernah berlakon di KLpac iaitu ‘Race’ ,‘Kisah gadis- Gadis Jalan Burmah’ dan di Istana Budaya iaitu ‘Muzikal Ibu Zain’


INTAN DIYANA binti Zainal Abidin atau nama gelarannya dynna, pemegang Diploma Teater Di ASWARA dalam bidang lakonan. Antara persembahan yang pernah beliau lakonkan ialah Pentas Opera dan Tanda arahan Namron, Opera China Arahan Rohani Yusoff, Tok Perak arahan Syed Alwi, Ibu Zain arahan Rosminah Tahir dan banyak lagi.


AMERUL AFFENDI adalah graduan diploma Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (ASK) yang sekarang di kenali ASWARA dalam teater. Sekarang menyambung pelajarannya peringkat ijazah di Universiti Malaya. Banyak berlakon dalam teater, filem pendek, filem dan televisyen. Teater, Pentas Opera, Si Yatim Chao, Tanda, Waktu experimental Merdeka, Air Con, Uda dan Dara. Filem pendek, Aman dan kenapa ayah tak tanam pisang, Gadoh. Filem, Karaoke dan Jimbo. Televisyen, Rona Roni makaroni, Rembat dan Misteri Penarik Becha.


INDRA ZAABA - Pengarah Muzik

Moizzis R.Cong - Dramaturge

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Projek KoKEN - Teater Kompilasi Vol 1

Tag Line : 4 Kes – 1 Motif

Tarikh : 28 JAN – 1 FEB 2009
Masa : 8.30 malam (28 Jan – 31 Jan)
3 petang dan 8.30 malam (1 Feb)

Tempat : Stor Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,
Kuala Lumpur

Tiket : Melalui sumbangan minimum RM 20.00.


Teater Kompilasi Vol. 1 adalah sebuah kerja kolaborasi 4 orang pengarah. Dengan menggunakan tag line 4 kes satu motif, teater ini akan dibahagikan kepada 4 cerita yang dihasilkan melalui proses devised di antara pengarah dengan pelakon dan proses ini diikatkan dengan satu tema iaitu Kuasa. Ke empat-empat cerita ini akan dipersembahkan selama 30 minit setiap satu secara berterusan selama 2 jam.


Tema bagi projek ini adalah Kuasa. Melalui tema ini ke empat-empat pengarah bersama pelakon akan menjelajahi isu-isu berkaitan dengannya seperti penindasan, dendam, cinta, pembunuhan dan sebagainya.

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Projek KoKEN - Diskripsi Projek

Projek Komuniti Kental (KoKen) adalah nama yang diberikan kepada sekumpulan pengiat muda seni persembahan yang menganggotai Rumah Anak Teater (RAT). Projek ini adalah sebagai satu landasan atau tapak bagi mereka berkongsi idea dan pemikiran dalam kerja-kerja seni persembahan dengan ahli masyarakat. Teater Kompilasi Vol. 01 adalah karya Projek KoKen yang bersifat kolektif ini adalah himpunan kerja-kerja 4 pengarah teater yang dipersembahkan dalam satu pertunjukan selama 2 jam. Disebabkan Teater Kompilasi ini bersifat jangka panjang maka penggunaan Vol. 1 adalah mewakili kerja pertama yang akan disusuli dengan kerja-kerja lain dengan pendekatan yang sama di masa hadapan.