Sunday, January 18, 2009

Petikan Akhbar (NST)


MALAY theatre will be off to a promising start after Chinese New Year with a debut performance by Rumah Anak Teater (Rat), a group formed in October 2008.

The spotlight will be on young emerging talents. Its first project, presented under the banner of Projek Komuniti Kental, will feature Teater Kompilasi Vol 01. Theatre veteran Nam Ron has come aboard as the artistic director for the group and interestingly, all the directors are his former students from the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy.

At the launch, Nam Ron offered an insight into what we can expect from this new venture. “The overall theme is power and how the directors interpret this in their own way. My role primarily is of a facilitator. The directors plan, direct and execute their vision within the confines of the theme.”

The tagline of “four cases, one motive” lends a CSI slant to the proceedings which will be performed continuously for two hours.

Why is it special? “There will be four stories — each lasting 30 minutes — in one performance. Music and lighting will be used to link the pieces. Plays of this genre are still lacking in Malaysia and personally, I feel one derives a different sense of satisfaction and energy from this kind of a performance than from watching a play with just a single director’s vision,” explains Nam Ron.

Not only that but there are only four actors who perform in all the pieces.

Presented entirely in Bahasa Malaysia with no subtitles, the original, never-performed works see very creative interpretations of the theme, with most directors digging deep into their own personal psyche for inspiration.

“I’m essentially a kampung boy, so my piece is a two-man play set in a kampung and my observations of daily life therein. It is also somewhat autobiographic. This is my first piece and I must confess it was and is a very scary experience but I am looking forward to opening night,” said Khairil Ridzuan of his piece Kerbau.

Fared Ayam will present a work entitled Stabil, which deals with limitations that society places on individuals. Teruk by Zahiril Adzim will look at a woman who is questioning her own existence and seeks to divorce her spirit from her mortal self. As Zahiril is a self-confessed “visual” person, he will employ visual means to tell his story. In CintaNerakaCintaSyurga, Khairunazwan Rodzy explores love of the format radio variety and examines the political, societal and economic factors that thwart love.

n Catch Teater Kompilasi Vol 01 at Stor Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, KL, 8.30pm, Jan 28 to Feb 1. Matinee on the last day at 3pm. Admission by donation (RM20).

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