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Yusman Mokhtar (left) and Nam Ron.

RUMAH ANAK Teater (RAT) presents Teater Kompilasi Volume 1, a compilation of Bahasa Malaysia plays with the theme 4 Kes 1 Motif, at Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur from Jan 28 to Feb 1.
It is a collaborative effort of four directors, and comprises four short plays which revolve around the theme “power”.Each play runs for 30 minutes, and their directors explore how power corrupts individuals, to make them tyrannical, greedy, lustful and vengeful.The showcase’s directors, who double as scriptwriters, are Zahiril “Bob” Adzim, Fared “Ayam” Jamaluddin, Khairunazwan and Khairil Ridzuan.4 Kes 1 Motif stars Amerul Affendi, Intan Diyana, Sherry Abdullah and Keen.Nam Ron (or Shahili Abdan) is the artistic director while Yusman Mokhtar is the cinematographer. Indra Zaaba is the music director while Moizzis Cong is the dramaturge.

Zahiril and Amerul are best known for their roles in last year’s popular play Air Con, produced by Instant Cafe Theatre and written by singer-songwriter Shanon Shah.Zahiril’s performance as a villainous drug dealer in the coming-of-age film Kami The Movie last year was critically acclaimed. Fared last appeared in Kurang Manis and proved a popular comedian when he parodied the lion king Aslan of Narnia fame in one of the troupe’s comedy sketches titled The Return of the Toymaker.

Shahili, an acclaimed director and theatre lecturer, is also known for his roles in the film Paloh and Gubra and the play Air Con. Entry is by a minimum donation of RM20. Venue: Stor Teater in Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.Time: 8.30pm with 3pm extra show on Feb 1.

Call 012-911-0557.

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