Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dari Penerbit buku 'Projek KoKEN'

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This week we interview cultural activist Zulhabri Supian about the Frinjan indie movement.

Frinjan was established to organise fringe cultural activities with huge doses of pop culture, literature, music and activism. Since they've begun, their events, gigs, readings and projects have attracted a growing following amongst Klang Valley youth and university students.

Zulhabri Supian is a cultural activist and organiser, blogger and publisher (Oxygen Media). He also writes a column for The Malaysian Insider.


Shamimi Haniza said...

Frinjan best =)

Unknown said...

Frinjan best? Rumah Anak Teater tak best ke? Faisal Mustaffa tak handsome ke?

Shamimi Haniza said...

Rumah Anak Teater mesti la lg best dr frinjan! Abg Faisal pun hensem, sbb tu dpt bunga aritu. =)

Cathy S. McCabe Lecuyer said...

Frinjan sounds cool... What does it mean though?


teringin nak join :)

Unknown said...

nak join frinjan? nak tengok persembahan Rumah Anak Teater? Datang ke Dataran Shah Alam 7 Nov, 9pm....Semua ada.

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